Macs LTC Pharmacy locally owned
Why a Family Operated Business that is Locally-Owned Matters

Mac’s LTC Pharmacy Solutions is a family operated business, in addition to being locally-owned. At Mac’s LTC we can focus on our senior living communities and their residents’ needs located throughout the Southeastern region of the United States. So, why does being a business that is family operated or locally owned benefit with this goal?

A company’s values and motivators have a significant impact on the way their business is conducted. With a business that is run by a family operation, there is generally a rich business history that supports the company from the foundation up. With a local, family-owned business the chances are much greater of receiving high service and quality.

With Mac’s LTC, our mission is to partner with communities to improve their resident’s lives by providing trusted solutions. As a company, it is our main priority to be trustworthy, genuine, and caring for our partners. We can achieve this vision by being locally, and family owned. Examples of this are providing education with diabetes classes and refreshers for Alzheimer’s, encourage flu shots and educate how to prevent disease, and once a month – have a digital class on a hot topic such as nutrition.

With our values in mind, we care about our customers and are not looking at them as if they were just dollar signs. We work with our patients and their insurance companies to help find the best and most affordable treatment we can provide. We know the importance of medication affordability and will always take that extra step to call the insurance company and the physicians to make this a smooth process for our patients. Mike Wilhoit, our president, even stated in the Knoxville News Sentinel, “I know this other more personal side of pharmaceutical care. It’s what my dad (Mac Wilhoit) has always offered. And it’s what I’ve always wanted since I was a boy, wearing my own little white coat when I would visit the store.”

At Mac’s LTC we can provide the highest level of care because we are a local family-operated business that provides excellence in customer service. We want to make a substantial impact on our patients, partners, and community. We partner with assisted living communities, intermediate care facilities, memory care communities, the Department of Intellectual Developmental Disabilities, nursing homes, and non-profit organizations. We strive for our relationships to be healthy and productive. At Mac’s LTC we want to enable our partners to care for the people they serve with the utmost care.

A family operated business is generally truer to its company values as a whole, and that is the case here at Mac’s LTC. We focus on a beneficial relationship for everyone involved with our services, from our top community partners down to the very last resident in the community. To learn about some of the personal experiences with our services, check out our testimonials page!