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While most pharmacies choose to focus on one packaging type, we want to work with you to determine the right solution for your organization.
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Medicine-On-Time packaging is a multi-dose medication packaging in a calendar card format. Each resident’s Medicine-On-Time calendar card is labeled for morning, noon, and night – or whenever medication is distributed. It also offers all of one person’s medication dosage in one, color-coded, organized disposable dose cup. All of the needed information including a resident’s name, medication dosage, type of medication, and time of day for dosage is printed on each disposable cup.

This medication packaging type empowers long-term care facilities to simplify complex medication regimens.

medication packaging

Blister Packs

Blister packs, also known as bingo cards or bubble packs, are the most commonly used medication packaging in long-term care facilities. Each blister offers one dose of a medication and each card comes in a 30 or 60 count card depending on dosage frequency. On the top of each medication card, a resident’s information and prescription instructions are printed along with a barcode for Med-Pass scanning.

This medication packaging type helps staff keep track of which medication has been dispensed to the resident.

strip packaging for medication

Strip Packaging

Strip packaging, also known as PASS (Patient Adherence Strip System), takes a resident’s medications and sorts them into individual packages based on time, date, and dose. This packaging type can accommodate both single and multi-dose medication regiments. Strip packaging also accommodates 2D barcode scanning to help prevent any medication administration errors. Each package includes all of the required information about the person and the medication dosage.

This medication packaging type helps simplify and organize medication for both your caregiving staff and your resident making the whole process safer and faster.

dispill packaging

Dispill® Packaging

Dispill® Packaging is a multi-dose packaging system makes medication administration simpler through color coding that matches the time the dose should be taken. Each pill case is clearly labeled also stating the date, time of day, and patient information to ensure accuracy and taking any guesswork out of dosage.

This medication packaging type ensures dosage accuracy while improving overall staff efficiency through convenient, portable packaging.

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