A Lesson in Pharmacogenomics

Pharmacogenomics, known as the study of how human genes affect a person’s response to medication, blends pharmacology (the study of drugs) with genomics (the study of genes and their functions). This combination aids in the development of safe, effective medication therapy and doses that are tailored to each individual’s genetic makeup. Medicine is not “one size


What is eMar?

eMAR, or electronic medication administration record is the electronic versions replacing paper records previously used in many healthcare facilities. Both of these medication administration records serve as a legal record of all of the drugs administered to each patient at a community by a healthcare professional. These administrations are then part of the patient’s permanent

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LTC Pharmacy Logistics

  Long-term care (LTC) pharmacies serve the residents of nursing homes, assisted-living communities, extended-care communities, and retirement communities. LTC pharmacies operate differently than most traditional pharmacies. Usually, these pharmacies are “closed-door,” meaning that no patients walk-in to fill prescriptions. LTC pharmacy procedures go above and beyond many retail pharmacy processes, with core services including prescription processing,

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Why Partner with Mac’s LTC?

Local pharmacy services, improving patient health, increasing health care education; these are all substantial reasons why you should partner with Mac’s LTC Pharmacy Solutions. We are a known Technology Industry Leader in robotics and automation and our partners are the ones that benefit from this. At the core of our business are the partners and

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The Differences Between an LTC Pharmacy and a Retail Pharmacy

With an aging population, it is more apparent than ever to have their continuous pharmaceutical needs met. Fortunately, with advancing medical science, we can be more responsive to those who have the most significant medical needs, our seniors. When we focus our services for the seniors in our country, we need to ease the complexities

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Why a Family Operated Business that is Locally-Owned Matters

Mac’s LTC Pharmacy Solutions is a family operated business, in addition to being locally-owned. At Mac’s LTC we can focus on our senior living communities and their residents’ needs located throughout the Southeastern region of the United States. So, why does being a business that is family operated or locally owned benefit with this goal?

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Tips for Maintaining a Positive Culture

Company culture is in essence, a magnified scope of a company’s core values and beliefs. At Mac’s LTC our values are to be caring, trustworthy, innovative, genuine, and driven. Maintaining a positive company culture is essential for your company to be well-rounded and successful. For you to ensure the culture at your firm is nurturing to