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How to Prepare: Tips for Allergy Season with Mac’s LTC

As the days warm up, you are more likely to want to spend your time in the outdoors. The springtime brings colorful flowers, sun shining days, and unfortunately, pollen and similar irritants. If you are an older adult with a chronic ailment, you are more susceptible to allergies in the spring. Fortunately, Mac’s LTC has ways for you to prepare for the allergy season and tips for dealing with allergy symptoms. 

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4 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick on a Plane

While you may always look forward to flying somewhere for an exciting vacation or a business trip, you don’t want to worry about getting sick after your airplane flight! After all, studies have shown that colds may be 113 times more likely to be transmitted on a plane than during your normal routine back on the ground! The good news is that there are several things that you can do before or after your flight to stay healthy. Here are 4 ways to avoid getting sick on a plane:Read More

woman holding neck in pain

How to Relieve Shoulder and Neck Pain Without Medication

Are you feeling pain in your shoulders and neck? Sitting at a desk, driving all day, and even stress contribute to muscle pain in these areas. Wondering how to relieve shoulder and neck pain but don’t want to take medicine? We’ve made a list of ways on how to relieve shoulder and neck pain:Read More

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4 Great Ways to Maintain Your Healthy Resolutions for the New Year

When you think about New Year’s resolutions, losing weight and eating less junk food are almost always at the top of the list! While these are certainly good intentions, it’s not always easy to keep those goals throughout the New Year. The key is to have realistic expectations and to make a few simple changes to your lifestyle so that you can enjoy healthy living! Here are 4 great ways to maintain your healthy resolutions for the New Year:Read More

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A Guide to Essential Vitamins and Their Functions

Did you know that most people aren’t getting enough essential vitamins? Getting the proper amounts of vitamins may help you to feel more energized throughout the day and can bring the life back to your hair, skin, and nails. So you’ll look good, and you’ll feel good! Make sure that you’re giving your body what it needs to be healthy so you’ll look good and feel good! Here are the essential vitamins and their functions:Read More

Flu Shot

4 Common Myths About the Flu Shot Debunked

While the flu season may have already started, it is never too late to receive the flu vaccine to protect yourself against the influenza virus! If you have hesitated about getting the flu shot for one reason or another, this might be due to some popular misconceptions about the vaccine. If you are concerned about any potential issues or side effects, we’ve got the facts for you! Here are 4 common myths about the flu shot debunked:Read More

healthy pregnancy

5 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy You’ll Want to Know

Whether you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant, it’s important to educate yourself about what steps to take to keep yourself and your baby healthy. From maintaining a healthy diet to creating a birth plan there are plenty of things to consider. To help you along the way, here are 5 tips for a healthy pregnancy.Read More

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Top 7 Ways to Prevent the Flu and How to Stay Healthy

Flu season is starting up again, and you’ll want to be proactive about trying to stay healthy. While you can’t always avoid getting sick, you can try different ways to prevent the flu to the best of your ability. Here are the top 7 ways to prevent the flu and how to stay healthy:Read More

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5 Fantastic Health Benefits of Drinking Water

When you are feeling thirsty or dehydrated, there is nothing better than a glass of water! After all, your body is made of 60 percent water, and you are constantly losing water through sweat and urination. While water is obviously essential for our survival, there are also many health benefits you can enjoy while drinking a sufficient amount of water throughout the day! Here are 5 fantastic health benefits of drinking water:Read More

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Top 6 Ways of Improving Mental Health for Your Well Being

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as your physical health. While it may not feel like it, there are ways of improving mental health for your overall well being. We want to help you start the process! Check out these top 6 ways of improving mental health for your well being:Read More

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4 Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Kidney Stones Naturally

If you have ever known someone who has passed a kidney stone, you have probably heard it can be one of the most painful things you ever experience. Kidney stones are hard mineral deposits that form inside of your kidneys when your urine has high levels of certain minerals such as calcium, oxalate, and uric acid. There are some ways to help prevent kidney stones without using medication! Here are 4 easy things you can do to prevent kidney stones naturally:Read More

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4 of the Best Drinks for Weight Loss to Help Improve Your Diet

When it comes to maintaining or losing weight, it is common to focus only on the food portion of your diet. However, it is also important to consider what you drink. When you select the right drinks, you can reduce your calorie intake, improve your metabolism, and curb your appetite. Put your soda or energy drink to the side and read on to find out the best drinks for weight loss:Read More