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In addition to supporting your residents through pharmaceutical services, we provide health education and clinics for your residents and your staff.

We want to take care of your residents’ pharmaceutical needs, and work with you to educate your staff and residents on ways to be healthy. Mac’s Pharmacy offers wellness clinics to help promote healthy lifestyles. Whether you would like our team to host an in-service at your community, or would like to tune into one of our health webinars, we work with you to keep your community in good health!

Onsite Education In-Services

  • Diabetes
  • Nutrition
  • Heart Health

Would you like to take more preventative measures? We offer onsite vaccination clinics to protect your community against sicknesses like the flu. One of the Mac’s Pharmacy’s team members will travel to your community and administer vaccinations to your residents and staff members.

Immunization Clinics:

  • Flu
  • Pneumonia

Would your staff benefit from in-service training or consultation regarding pharmacy services and other ways to assist caregivers?  We offer onsite nursing services including medication storage compliance audits and pharmacy services consultation and training to our partner communities.

Nursing Services

Katie Kiser, BSN, RN, is the Nursing Services Consultant at Mac’s LTC Pharmacy Solutions. She provides support to the pharmacy in our communities by offering quarterly audits to ensure medication storage compliance. This time Katie spends in communities gives us the opportunity to discuss each community’s specific needs and concerns and work together to find solutions. In addition to the monthly education offered to all Mac’s LTC communities, Katie also enjoys coming into each community to provide in-services for the staff. As a nurse herself, she is always happy to help find the safest and most efficient ways to help your caregivers. Please feel free to reach out to Katie to schedule a meeting to discuss your specific community and find how we can partner together to provide the best care.

When you partner with us, Katie will be present and available to help in the transition. Working closely with the pharmacy, Katie can be in your community to provide training and explanation to your staff regarding pharmacy services and discuss frequently asked questions.


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