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Tips for Maintaining a Positive Culture

Company culture is in essence, a magnified scope of a company’s core values and beliefs. At Mac’s LTC our values are to be caring, trustworthy, innovative, genuine, and driven. Maintaining a positive company culture is essential for your company to be well-rounded and successful. For you to ensure the culture at your firm is nurturing to success, it is imperative that you align your values with organizational goals. The environment of an office can have a profound impact on an employee’s reactions and outcomes, which can affect the business as a whole. There are four simple tips for maintaining a positive culture that you can implement in the office every day.

1. Teach the Culture

According to the MGMA Building and Maintaining a Positive Workplace Culture in Healthcare, culture can be created by choice or chance. Do not leave the success of your business up to chance, when you can actively cultivate an environment prone to success. For you to implement your culture through practice, you need a workforce who is receptive to the culture you are cultivating. You need to be mindful of your environment when you are hiring employees. Do not just hire an individual because they look good on paper. It is always good practice to think twice about your culture before hiring because each factor will have an impact on the condition of your work environment.

With each new addition to your team, you need to instill the company’s values and align individual’s goals with the organization’s goals. It is easier to achieve success as a whole when your team is collectively working towards a common goal. To stimulate collaboration in the environment, you should practice the Open-Door policy and work in open spaces. You want to cultivate enthusiasm and productivity for a positive culture to be maintained. You have to teach the values you want your company to be based on from day one and continuously communicate them.

2. Practice Culture

It is essential for you to communicate your culture throughout the environment continually. If you are the leader, you must follow the practices you want your employees to emulate. A good team leader of a positive culture demonstrates leadership by usually being the first to arrive and the last to leave. This demonstrates you enjoy being in your working environment. Other good ways to practice a healthy culture is to make your team laugh and enjoying your time together. Set clear expectations and keep individuals engaged and communicating. It is also a good practice to remind your team of the company values, with visuals or even just verbalizing your mission.

3. Celebrate Values

It is one thing to talk about your positive culture, but it is also important to demonstrate it. You need to recognize positive actions out of your employees and reward them with affirmation. When the leader demonstrates gratitude, it ignites happiness in others. It is a good practice to award the little things, “Susan did a great job on the PowerPoint this morning.” This ensures positivity and gives employees a sense of purpose. When leaders showcase optimism, it reflects in a positive culture. Company events and incentives, even going out for coffee breaks as a team, allows for social interaction in a positive way. Seeing your team in a different light, other than working through daily tasks can relieve stress, sharpen mental acuity, improve moods, and lead to increased productivity.

4. Pursue Goals

Your team is educated on company values; now you must nurture success regularly. Maintain a positive company culture by reminding employees to be positive and make healthy choices. Encourage your employees to practice self-care, exercise, and get more sleep. When you show your employees you care, they will strive for success and practice loyalty. A leader who is proactive will lift morale and generate a culture overflowing with positivity. When you instill company values and hire people who fit into the company’s culture, it builds the foundation for success. It is essential to not only discuss your culture but to practice it daily and to lead by example. Give employees a sense of purpose and reward them to show appreciation. If you respect one another and work towards a common goal as a team, you will be able to maintain a positive culture.

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