woman getting her flu shot

Everything You Need to Know About Getting an Annual Flu Shot

An annual flu shot is the best way to protect yourself from getting the influenza virus each year. Since the flu season can start as early as October and last as late as May, you should get the vaccine as soon as it becomes available each fall! Here is everything that you need to know about getting an annual flu shot:Read More

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Common Cold or the Flu? Here’s How to Tell

Your throat is hurting, your nose is running, you can’t stop sneezing — there’s no denying that you’re sick. But is it just a common cold, or is it something more serious? We’ve put together a guide on how to tell if you have the common cold or the flu.Read More

managing diabetes

4 Simple and Helpful Tips on How to Control Diabetes

While controlling diabetes can be a constant challenge, it is well worth the effort for a healthy lifestyle! When you have your diabetes under control, you can live longer with a reduced risk of heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure. The primary thing to keep in mind when managing your diabetes is to keep your blood sugars as close to normal as possible. Here are 4 helpful tips on how to control diabetes:Read More

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5 Quick and Simple Weight Loss Tips to Reach Your Goal Weight

Have you been wanting to lose weight but have no idea where to start? We can help! Weight loss has incredible health benefits, and we want to help you reach a number that makes you smile when you step on the scale. Here are 5 quick and simple weight loss tips to follow to reach your goal weight:Read More

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5 Best Foods to Eat to Lose Weight and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

While there are no magical foods that can make you lose weight and feel healthier overnight, getting the proper nutrients over time can make a huge difference in healthy living! As part of a balanced diet, the right foods can help you drop some pounds, boost your heart health and keep your skin looking young. Here are the best foods to eat to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle:Read More

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4 Benefits of Weight Loss You Can Experience by Shedding Just a Few Pounds

At Mac’s Pharmacy, we understand that losing weight can be one of the toughest things to do! However, even a small weight loss can be incredibly beneficial to your overall health. Whether you lose 10 pounds or 50 pounds, you will be amazed about how much better you feel both physically and mentally! Here are 5 benefits of weight loss that you can enjoy by shedding just a few pounds:Read More

bee sting

Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Treating Insect Bites and Stings

Let’s talk about everyone’s least favorite part about warm weather: bugs. It’s hard to go an entire summer without getting at least one bug bite. That’s why it’s important to be able to identify the type of insect bite or sting and how you should treat it. At Mac’s Pharmacy, we’ve put together some of the top tips for treating insect bites and stings.Read More

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4 Helpful Tips on How You Can Prevent Heart Disease

You’re never too young or too old to take care of your heart! The choices you make now impact how your heart feels later on. You don’t have to be at a high risk for heart disease to take steps to prevent it. Anyone at any age can benefit from keeping their heart healthy! Here are simple tips on how you can prevent heart disease:Read More

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4 Reasons to Take the Free Classes at Our Independent Pharmacy in Tennessee

Did you know that at Mac’s Pharmacy, we offer free monthly classes to help our clients live a healthy lifestyle? We are so much more than just your average pharmacy because we care about the well-being of every individual who walks through our doors. We measure our success on the happiness and healthiness of our customers, and our classes help you become both. Here are 4 reasons to take the free classes at our independent pharmacy in Tennessee:Read More

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3 Reasons to Go to Mac’s Pharmacy for All Your Pharmacy Needs

If you’re looking for the perfect pharmacy to help improve your health in Tennessee, then look no further than Mac’s Pharmacy. Mac’s Pharmacy is not your typical pharmacy. We find it important to build and focus on relationships with our clients and help you in any way we can. Here are 3 reasons to go to Mac’s Pharmacy for all your pharmacy needs.Read More