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Positive Relationships and Cultures: What No One Teaches

At Mac’s LTC Pharmacy Solutions, improving lives through relationships is central to our mission. Strong bonds are present both with our team members and our partners. As a whole, Mac’s LTC values being caring, trustworthy, innovative, genuine, and driven. These values shape how we cultivate relationships with business partners and team members to create a unique and healthy culture. Our bigger picture is to provide solutions that improve the lives of everyone around us. We know each component of our operation impacts the structure and culture of our organization. Additionally, we partner with doctors and other care providers with one vital goal in mind, ensuring patients receive optimal care and necessary medications.

When high-quality relationships exist in an organization, with proven values, loyalty and trust naturally grow. These two components, trust, and loyalty, are incredibly beneficial for A healthy culture. Our team, at Mac’s LTC, work together towards this collective goal. Healthy teamwork produces rapid and more pronounced results. We have found that efficient ways to ensure cultural consistency are to stay active with beneficial protocols, respect every company level as important, provide team members with a clear understanding of values, and develop every team member relationship patiently and interpersonally.

It is essential that every team member understands their expectations and responsibilities, especially within the healthcare industry. Successful businesses must invest the time and energy to provide their team members with all that each team member needs to succeed. A primary reason for communicating expectations and responsibilities to team members is for them to be able to advance with incremental productivity. Incremental adjustments practiced regularly yield the best results. A proper evaluation of team results, to achieve the highest possible outcomes, depends on clearly communicated goals, process, hindrances, and encouragement. Team members success will then be reflected in longer company retention and lower turnover rates. As you take the time and energy to instill your values into your team members, these values will be reflected in all efforts throughout their career. 

As you properly instill values and information into your team, there should be follow through with evaluating the retention of what has been communicated. For an individual to be successful within a company, they must understand all aspects of both their position and the culture at large. Giving team members this knowledge allows them to navigate successfully within the organization and maintain congruency in relationship with partners. According to Forbes, a successful team member must be able to think independently and problem solve on their own. Team members that can think independently and problem solve in conjunction with collaboration can lead to invention and overall growth in market share. Mac’s LTC uses these concepts to properly train team members to develop healthy personal and professional relationships. Networking is an integral key to the Mac’s LTC culture. Team members are responsible for maintaining overall positive relationships with clients, sponsors, and partners which directly effects the overall health of the business.

Here at Mac’s LTC, we know that positive relationships and culture benefit the overall health of a business. To stay connected and develop a stronger relationship with us, subscribe to our blog!