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Finding Home in the Community Pharmacy

Voted Knoxville’s Best Community Pharmacy in Cityview Magazine’s Best of the Best 2022Cityview Magazine Knoxville’s Best of the Best 2022 | Story by Elisa Crawford  |  Photography by Nathan Sparks

Voted Best Pharmacist: Matthew Crawford  |  Voted Best Community Pharmacy  |  Voted Best Compounding Pharmacy

Building a Legacy:  Growing up, the family business was something I knew I wanted to be part of. I’d watch my father, Mac Wilhoit, go above and beyond for the business, his patients, and the community he had grown to know so well through his work. It was part of our lives, and I knew that at some point I’d want to be involved. I knew that what my father built the pharmacy on was much bigger than medication. For years, I watched him and my brother, Mike, grow the business into what it is today. Mike, now CEO of Mac’s Hometown Pharmacies, has expanded into 10 locations, servicing Knox, Anderson, and Blount counties. I’ve been fortunate to have been part of that growth for the last decade, as well, today as Director of Business Development for Mac’s LTC Pharmacy.  Walking alongside me has been my husband, Matthew, who placed first for Pharmacist in Cityview’s 2022 Best of the Best. Matt and I met in high school, and he pegs my father, Mac—who placed second in this year’s Pharmacist category— as the reason he became a pharmacist in the first place. “Mac showed me an article about how being a pharmacist was a great career path. He asked if I wanted to come work for him for a summer to see what I thought,” he recalls. “It was the best decision I could have made.” Matt quickly fell in love with the patients and interactions, and over the course of the next decade plus, he stepped foot into every position there from clerk and delivery driver to technician and pharmacist. Matt is now owner of two Mac’s Pharmacy locations.

Matthew Crawford, Mike Wilhoit, Mac Wilhoit
Matthew Crawford, Mike Wilhoit, Mac Wilhoit

It is about so much more than medication at Mac’s Hometown Pharmacies. Relationships are at the core of our business. Matt recently put it best: “Community pharmacies are the front line of healthcare. We’re the most accessible form, seeing our patients three to four times as often as primary care physicians might. “We get in depth into issues the patients are having, their medications, disease states, and more. We develop these relationships and rapport that have given us opportunities to take care of them. This is only possible because of how we’ve set up our brick-and-mortar based style of care.”

At Mac’s, we make an investment in our community. I have watched as patients hug Matt in tears because they know they can count on him, on us. “We want to give that old time hometown pharmacy vibe,” he says. “We want to be more than where you pick up your prescriptions.” At Mac’s, we strive to always offer services to our community to better the health outcomes of our patients. We have free medication management packaging (MacPacks) to help with medication compliance, free kids vitamins, community education, and so much more. We even offer free delivery to Knox, Anderson, and Blount counties, which has been an enormous help to so many of our patients who find it difficult to leave their homes. We built this program to make it easier for our neighbors.

A New Space 
In June, we opened our newest brick-and-mortar location in West Knoxville. We’d been circling this community for years, waiting for the right time—and location—to present itself. Eventually it did, and it’s been a joy to watch this location grow over the last six months, especially for Matt who grew up in this neighborhood. “This is our community,” he says. “Mac’s Hometown Pharmacies’ family of locations is simply an extension of how we take care of it.” We look forward to serving you in the future at one of our locations and helping you in your wellness journey.

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