Our Partner Onboarding Process

We are dedicated to making the transition to Mac’s Pharmacy as smooth as possible by having a dedicated transition team. We want to minimize any extra work on Senior Solutions and have the transition be a very positive experience. Our proven process has collaborative planning that starts up to 75 days before launch!

We understand that partnering with a new vendor can be an intimidating and stressful experience. By choosing Mac’s Pharmacy as a partner – we minimize any extra work for your community and create an incredibly positive partnership experience. Through our 75-day onboarding process, our team works with your staff to gather resident data, improve team procedures, and a variety of other tasks to ensure success. During our onboarding process, we also schedule weekly meetings, either virtually or in person, to address any questions, talk through concerns, and further cultivate our growing partnership. After the initial go-live date, we schedule a call once a month to ensure things are running smoothly!

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60-75 days before live

Select a go-live date
Select event dates
Identify cycle dates

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45-60 days before live

Begin collecting patient data

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15-45 days before live

Interpret/utilize data

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10-15 days before live

Provide data to community
Check for accuracy
Senior Solutions gather data

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3-4 days before live

Deliver and check all medication orders
Review procedures and correct inaccuracies

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1-2 days before live

Deliver any corrections

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Go Live!!!

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After Live Date

On-going calls/meetings once a month
Discuss issues/concerns/changes
Implement changes and build our partnership!

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We are dedicated to making the transition to an LTC Pharmacy as smooth as possible! We are very excited to be working with the your team and the communities.

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