Katie Kiser
Employee Spotlight | Katie Kiser

At Mac’s LTC Pharmacy Solutions, we are excited to introduce Katie Kiser, our monthly Employee Spotlight! Katie is our Nursing Services Consultant; she identifies issues and develops solutions while providing consultation services. Originally from the historic town of Knoxville, Tennessee, she brings her very own southern charm to work.

Having graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Katie is a huge Volunteers fan. She still remembers how happy she was when the Tennessee Volunteers beat the Florida Gators in 2016! Katie also attended the College of Nursing at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville where she received her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) and became a Registered Nurse (RN).

coffeeKatie has been married to her supportive husband, Nathan, for three years, and together, they have a beautiful 17-month-old daughter and an adorable Toy Poodle named Maisie! Her family means the world to Katie, and she is so pleased to be able to raise her family in her dear grandmother’s home.

Katie will never turn a cup of hot black coffee down! “You’ll rarely see me without a cup in hand. My love language is sweets, and this will probably be a benefit for my coworkers!”

Using her BSN and RN, Katie worked three years in pediatric acute care and inpatient surgery on the night shift. Katie has been working here at Mac’s LTC Pharmacy Solutions for a little over a month now. Her favorite thing about being a Nursing Services Consultant here is the opportunity to meet new faces and grow relationships with our Assisted Living Communities, their staff, and the residents.

Katie’s favorite thing about working for Mac’s LTC Pharmacy Solutions is the family atmosphere and everyone’s dedication to working as a team to provide the best for residents and communities.

“Mac’s LTC has already opened my eyes to the advantages of a multidisciplinary team all working for the same goal. Since my first experience in the pharmacy, I have loved learning the processes behind our work and seeing how each person works together to provide our best. I am proud to walk into our ALC’s and see their med carts filled with the medications and packaging the team has prepared for them. I’m excited to see how my role as an RN fits into the formula and what we can create together!”

Katie is excited and feels refreshed to be part of a company who loves to come to work every day and make a difference in the community. “I’ve said it before, but again, I’m proud to be a member of the team at Mac’s LTC! I always say “Teamwork makes the dream work,” but it always embarrassed my former coworkers.”

At Mac’s LTC Pharmacy Solutions, we can proudly say that we enjoy Katie’s enthusiasm and amusing anecdotes. Katie is a supporting and essential part of our team! We enjoy having her skill set and her personality in assistance with consulting clients and just being in the office!

If you would be interested in working with a family-focused company that cares about its employees all while making a difference in the community, then apply today!